Vogue Tailors was founded Mr. Farooq Shalla and Mr. Bhat Zahoor with the belief that bespoke does not have to mean expensive. Most people would agree that a bespoke suit, hand cut and stitched by a skilled tailor, would look and fit much better than an off-the-peg suit.

However, people can be put off by the prices - that need not be the case.

At Vogue Tailors we can make a suit to your exact specifications using many of the traditional Shanghainese bespoke tailoring techniques at an affordable price. Once you've had a custom made suit, made for you by our highly skilled bespoke tailor you will never want to go back to buying off the peg. We believe that quality should never be compromised.

Why Vogue Custom Tailor?

Our garments are hand cut and hand stitched down to the smallest detail, to ensure it's comfortable and durable. We even use cloths from some of the finest mills in the world including the very best of British and Italian - the difference being our suits are as affordable as an off-the-peg suit.

We don't have fancy shop fronts or premises, our main priorities are quality, customer service and Dollar for Dollar value for your money. That is why, our clients from all walks of life are not just our customers but over the years have become our friends such that we understand their personalities, styles and needs.

Vogue Tailors stock about 15000 fabrics ranging from affordable to exclusive. Few bespoke tailors offer such a wide selection on the spot. Vogue Tailors certainly rules Hong Kong's custom tailoring trade. Having custom tailored suits for professional men and women the business has set itself a reputation that stretches seamlessly across the globe.

5 tailors make monthly calls on their overseas customers to carry out fittings, make alterations and take new orders, giving customers the opportunity to expand their wardrobes and refresh old suits. Customers tend to stay for life. They appreciate the sophisticated tailoring and individualised attention they can take for granted at Vogue Tailors.

What people say?

I always approach to Vogue Tailors for many reasons, one because I know what the quality they give, second because nothing ever fits (Square shoulders, Baggy trousers, bit of a gut) and thirdly because I always look to stand out from the ground. Sometimes before, I needed a wedding suit and I directly approached Vogue Tailors, and I am greatly impressed with what is being made for me. Honesty in giving an advice to customers is the main key point that you will love. Anyone who wants bespoke tailored suit, just go to Vogue Tailors. There is no benefit to ring other tailors. This is my personal experience that I am telling you.


What people say?

Vogue tailors provide premium quality fabrics, which are from the finest mills from all over the world. They offer various brands of fabrics such as Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna, Marzoni etc. Vogue Tailors provide high quality tailoring. They are full of ideas, knowledge of running trend, reliable and user-friendly. I would recommend you to go for Vogue tailor for your bespoke tailored suits.